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The EZLaser series of CNC laser machines are manufactured by Laser Life Co. Ltd. since 1994. EZLaser systems are equipped with a sealed CO2 laser producing 25 to 400 watts. The brand EZLaser reflects that these machines are designed for easy operation and maintenance.

EZLaser is a successful product line with a broad range of applications. The EZLaser systems are used for cutting (from wood products to cell phone panels to engine gaskets), engraving (such as wood plaques, stamps, stone, crystal and glass products), and marking (electrical components, pens, product id panels, and even leather).

All EZLaser systems are able to process (cut, drill, perforate, inscribe) various non-metallic materials, while the LCR series are also suitable for processing thin metal pieces.

EZLaser CNC laser machines

LCD series

LCR series

LCW series

Kutenich Ltd. offers the complete product line of EZLaser machining centers in Hungary. Please contact us so that we could recommend those machines to you that best suit your needs.

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