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Digima CNC machines: more than machines

Kutenich Ltd. is the exclusive representative of Digima in Hungary. Digima is a major European supplier of CNC machines, based in Finland.


Digima CNC solutions

A Digima CNC solution includes a CNC machine, a computer for CAD/CAM support, and a state-of-art CAD/CAM software. We deliver the equipment with installation and traning at the customer's facility.

We offer several brands of CNC machines for all types of applications:



We are able to offer a lease plan for the CNC machining centers through our financial partners. This allows you to pay the machine's price over a multiple years' interval, lessening the financial burden of the investment on your company.

Information, Inquiries

Please tell us your needs, so that we could recommend those machines that are the best fit to your applications.

We can show the machines to you in operation; we can also provide an opportunity to try our demonstration machine.

The data on the homepage are informative. Please request an exact specification from us as soon as you need that in your purchase decision process.

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