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Reiku Cable Protection Systems

Kutenich Ltd. is the exclusive representative of the German REIKU GmbH in Hungary.

Reiku cable protectors are top quality products that support your industrial equipment with an outstanding service life.




In the robotic and automation sectors, Reiku has a strong record of supplying customers through new developments and innovations with quality cable and system protection. This has made Reiku one of the leading market manufacturers in Europe.

The optimum adjustment of material and profile geometry enables Reiku conduits a highest service life with maximum flexibility. Newest highlight is the Reiku jointed tubing for avoidance of moments of torsion: occurence of wear resulting from sharp bend on conduit is hindered.


Fine braided tubings

Reiku fine braided tubings offer a fast and neat solution for protection of cables which need to be pliable during mounting or should remain flexible. This robust braid can be bent and twisted in all directions and can be expanded twice its jammed size or stretched size. Depending on its material property, we consider features such as environmental friendly, chemical resistance, economic or screening (to 60 dB) a must for us.

The high degree of surface coverage ( up to 85%) of Reiku braided tubings displays a particular high and excellent quality.

fine braided tubings.jpg

Heat protection

Reiku heat protection material GLASO and GLASIL can be applied in areas where wirings and components need to be protected against high temperatures (up to 350°C and up to 650°C, respectively). Depending on application, we supply the material as fabrics, strips, tubes (reel length or cut length) or shapes according to outline. Processing by Reiku ensures solution for every application.

Opening and closing of the heat protection material during assembly is possible by special grip closure (on GLASO and GLASIL) and also by press-studs (only on GLASO).

GL-heat protection.jpg

System sheatings

Reiku System Sheathings with zip closure ensure nearly every applications the perfect solution - regardless of whether the cable lines are pre-assembled or not. The 4 types of closures in combination with 18 standard nominal diameters (from 9mm to 120mm) and 8 types of materials display a limitless variety. These products offer protection against mechanical and chemical influences, and they also offer HF-shielding.

system sheatings.jpg

Reiku product categories

Please contact us and let us recommend those cable protection products that best suit your needs.

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