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Fabbster kit


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The Fabbster kit is a small form factor 3D printer device geared towards manufacturing of work pieces of up to about 23x23x21cm in dimension.

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Technical data

Size of device470 mm x 470 mm x 580 mm
Maximal platform size230 mm x 230 mm x 210 mm
AxesAll axes with linear ball bearings on hardened D12 CoCr rods
BeltBelt driven by steppers motors, 7 µm in micro quilting mode
Repeatability< 20 µm in XY axis
Repeatability< 14 µm in Z layer
Repeatability< 0,2 within the maximal platform size
Speed and power
Maximal speed400 mm/s
Maximal power primary350 W at 110-240V
Maximal power secondary24V
Extruder output70W
Extruder temperature25°C-390°C (J-Type sensors)
Heat up300°C in 30 seconds
Standard nozzlestailness steel 0,4 mm bore
Layer thickness25 µm - 400 µm (depending on material)
Accuracy0.1mm or 0,4% of nominal size (depending on material)
Minimal wall thickness0,7mm (with standard nozzle 0,4 mm)
MaterialsPLA, ABS
SoftwareWindows, MacOS, Linux



The Fabbster kit prints three-dimensional objects from different plastic materials.


The device comes in a compact box as a partially assembled construction kit. The kit can be completely mounted within 2 hours.

Fabbster combines high quality 24V electronics and stepper drives guided by linear ball bearings with stainless steel rods and high-quality plastic comonents reinforced by fiberglass.

Beyond these features that make Fabbster stand out from other small form factor 3D printers, Fabbster also introduces a new innovative technology for melting the consumption material, called Stick Deposition Moulding (SDM).

Stick Deposition Moulding (SDM)

The extruder of the printer is fed with special sticks developed by the Fabbster team. These sticks are characterized by a cogging-shape on their sides. They are made by injection molding technique and thus are much more precise than the round wire used by other 3d printers. The result is a precise dosage of the melt. This innovation offers major advantage over circular filament that is subject to slip.

Stick Deposition Moulding (SDM) lets you print objects with optimal material properties.


The Fabbster kit comes with software for data processing and 3D printing.

The software contains all the features to ideally prepare your models for printing:


Please tell us your needs, so that we can recommend the machine and materials that best fit your application.

The data on the homepage are informative. Please request an exact specification from us as soon as you need that in your purchase decision process.

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