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Dyna DM 1007 asztali CNC megmunkálógép


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The smallest Dyna machining center is constructed from FC30 cast iron with precision grounded axes ways, which provide better stability and exceptional accuracy. With its standard rigid tapping function, The DM 1007 can double the tapping time and reduce the tooling cost, compared to a conventional floating tap holder.


Technical Specification

ModelDM 1007
Product typeBenchtop CNC machine
Travel (X/Y/Z)250 mm x 175 mm x 250 mm
Three Axis rapid speed (X/Y/Z)4/4/4 m/min
Table size450 mm x 180 mm
Table working area250 mm x 175 mm
Maximum table load60 kg
Speed and Accuracy
Feed motor (X, Y, Z axis)0.23 kW, 0.3 HP
Rapid traverse5 m/min
Cutting feedrate0 - 5000 mm/min
Manual feedrate0 - 5000 mm/min
Spindle power1.49 kW, 2 HP
Spindle nose to table distance95 - 349 mm
Spindle speed L0 - 3000 rpm
Spindle speed H0 - 8000 rpm
Spindle taperISO 30
Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)
ATC typeArmless
Tool typeBT-30
Tool capacity6 pcs.
Maximal tool diameter50 mm
Maximal tool length150 mm
Maximal tool weight2 kg
Tool change time (tool to adjacent tool)7 sec
Air source5.5 kg/cm2
Coolant pump motor0.5 hp
Lubrication pump60 W
Power requirement5 KVA
Resolution0.001 mm
Control systemDyna PCIII
Operation systemPC based multi-tasking
Simultaneous axis control2 - 4 axes
System resolution2 - 4
Positioning precision0.001 mm
Feedrate range0.001 mm
NC program memory> 1 GB
Built-in PLC128 I/O
Machine size1 220 mm x 1 110 mm x 1 430 mm
Machine weight550 kg


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