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BJ HK63 CNC eszterga


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The lathe HK63 and its variant, the CJK6163 both feature a strong cast iron bed and quenched and burnished guideways.

With FANUC 0i Mate, MITSUBISHI E60, SINUMERIK 802D, or DASENG CNC systems, these lathes are suitable for machining internal and external cylinders, cones, arc and curved surfaces, ends, and inch or metric threading as well. Featuring a 4-station turret and protection cover, CJK6163/HK63 CNC lathes are available for different needs. These machines are convenient to open and close, ensuring clean and safe production. The integrated control panel makes usage and programming very convenient for operators.

These lathes are ideal for various types of middle and small batch production, and their excellent features make them suitable for complex and highly accurate machining tasks.

Technical Specification

Product typeCNC lathe
Max. swing diameter over bed630 mm
Max. swing diameter over cross slide360 mm
Max. turning diameter500 mm / 325 mm (6-station turret)
Distance between center1 000 mm
Max. turing length760 mm
Bed guideways weight425 mm
Spindle bore diameter84 mm
Type of spindle noseA1-11/A2-8
Spindle type3 gears, stepless
Spindle speed20 - 1 600 rpm
Spindle speed, High155 - 1 600 rpm
Spindle speed, Medium50 - 525 rpm
Spindle speed, Low20 - 210 rpm
Spindle drive motor power11 kW (inverter motor)
Tailstock quill diameter80 mm
Tailstock quill travel200 mm
Tailstock quill taperMorse Taper No.5
Rapid traverse rate, X6 000 mm/min
Rapid traverse rate, Z6 000 mm/min
Number of tool4
Tool O.D.size32 x 32 mm
Motor power, X0.6 kW
Motor power, Z1.0 kW
Lead screw diameter, X32 mm
Lead screw diameter, Z50 mm
Main motor30 kW
Machine size2 800 mm x 1 530 mm x 1 670 mm
Weight3 480 kg



This lathe comes in two versions, the CJK6163 and the HK63. The CJK6163 has a spindle with 14 steps (18 to 1600 rpm). The HK63 is equipped with a 3-step gearless spindle.


The machines can be ordered in a 1 000 mm, 1 500 mm or 2 000 mm size (ie. maximal work piece length).

The lathes are available with mechanical timing or inverter timing.

Control system:

CAD/CAM Software

SurfCAM 2 Axis SE program, Version 2007

SurfCAM software training, 2 days

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