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BJ CK7520 CNC eszterga


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The CK series of CNC lathes feature a strong cast base and an exclusive slant bed structure which provide excellent rigidity, dampening and convenient chip removal. The high precision through-hole spindle, driven by a powerful A.C. main motor, features stability and low noise during operation. Key parts like the NC system, turret, chuck and bearings on the ball screw and main spindle are products of highly respected international vendors.

Technical Specification

ModelCK 7520
Product typeSlant Bed CNC lathe
Max. swing diameter over bed500 mm
Max. turning diameter370 mm
Max. turning length530 mm
Spindle bar diameter51 mm
Hydraulic chuck diameter210 mm
Type of spindle noseGB5900.1 A2-6
Spindle through hole diameter62 mm
Spindle bearing diameter (front/rear)100 mm / 90 mm
Spindle speed40-4000 rpm
Spindle drive motor power11/15 kW
Tailstock diameter/travel90 mm / 100 mm
Tailstock centre taperStandard/live spindle
Tailstock centre taperMT No.5/4
Carrige slant angle45 degree
Movement distance, X210 mm
Movement distance, Z550 mm
Rapid traverse, X1200 mm/min
Rapid traverse, Z1600 mm/min
Servo motor torque, X6 Nm
Servo motor torque, Z12 Nm
Ball screw diameter, X28 mm
Ball screw diameter, Z40 mm
Turret stations8 pcs.
Tool size (turning / boring)25 mm x 25 mm / diameter: 40mm
Power supply35 kW
Machine size3 255 mm x 1 805 mm x 1 805 mm
Machine weight5 150 kg



The CK7520 lathe is offered in five versions: CK7520, CK7520A, CK7520B, CK7520C and CK7520/1000.

The maximal turning length can be 530 mm (for CK7520/A/B), 750 mm (CK7520C) or 980 mm (CK7520/1000).


Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) type:

CAD/CAM Software

SurfCAM 2 Axis SE program, Version 2007

SurfCAM software training, 2 days

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