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NEL CM1530 lézer CNC megmunkálóközpont


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The CM1530 is offered in two versions: the single worktable version and the double worktable version.

cm1530 double worktable.jpg

Single worktable

ModelCM 1530 single worktable
Product typeCNC laser machine
Table size1 500 x 3 000 mm
Travel (X/Y/Z)1 500 x 3 000 x 100 mm
Position accuracy±0.03mm/m
Cutting thickness12 mm (steel)
Repetive position accurancy±0.005mm
Max. speed48m/min
Laser power2 000 W
Overall dimensions, Generator2 375 x 800 x 1 540 m
Net weight12 500 kg

Double worktable

Overall dimensions, Double worktables: 8 000 x 3 200 x 2 000 m


NEL Series Laser Generator

The product features a NEL-2000SM laser generator. This technology is licensed from Rofin-Sinar GmbH, Germany.

Liquid Chiller for Laser

Outside optical light guide system

The technology of outside optical reflector blocks is imported from America. This makes the machine easier to control and work more steadily. High power of laser optics are also imported from the US.

Gas Supply Unit for Laser

Water Supply Unit for Laser

Pipe joints, hose clam and enhanced water pipe with resisted pressure for 10kg

Optional components

Automatic Programming Software

The PEPS SolidCut by CAMTEK Ltd., UK is an optional component for this machine.

PEPS Basic Module, Windows, version 4.2.5

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