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BJ SK50P CNC eszterga


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The SK50P is a CNC horizontal lathe. The spindle speed is changed mechanically in three gears together with control of a frequency changer. The lathe has 4 types (750, 1000, 1500 and 2000). These numbers denote the maximal work piece length; thus the machines can use 750 mm, 1 000 mm, 1 500 mm or 2 000 mm workpieces. The machine comes with a 4-station (standard) or 6-station (optional) turret.

These lathes can perform internal and external cylinderical turning, arbitrary taper turning, facing and threading. They are suitable for various middle or small batch production, especially for complicated and high accuracy workpieces.

Control systems such as FANUC 0i-TC, FANUC 0i Mate-TC, Dasen 3i, Sinumerik 802D are provided on request.

Technical Specification

ModelSK 50 P - 1000
Product typeCNC horizontal lathe
Max. swing diameter over bed500 mm
Max. swing diameter over cross slide280 mm
Max. turning diameter500 mm
Max. turing length850 mm
Max. workpiece length1 000 mm
Spindle bore diameter77 mm
Type of spindle noseISO 702/ D8 shot cam-lock
Type of spindle noseISO 702/ A28 power chuck
Spindle type3 gears, stepless
Spindle speed21 - 1 620 rpm
Spindle speed, High162 - 1 620 rpm
Spindle speed, Medium66 - 660 rpm
Spindle speed, Low21 - 210 rpm
Maximal output of torque800 Nm
Tailstock quill diameter75 mm (80 mm if hydraulic)
Tailstock quill travel150 mm (130 mm if hydraulic)
Tailstock cross movement+/- 15 mm
Number of tools4 pieces
(optional: 6 pieces)
Max. permissibe tool section25 x 25 mm
Tool post travel, X275 mm/ 225mm (6-station)
Tool post travel, Z900 mm
Max. rapid traverse, X6 m/min
Max. rapid traverse, Z12 m/min
Lead screw pitch, X5 mm
Lead screw pitch, Z6 mm
Main motorDP132M-47.kW
freq. inverting motor
Coolant pumpAOB-25 120 w 25l/min
Drive belt control systemsB1930, 4 pieces
Machine size2 500 mm x 1 370 mm x 1 690 mm
Machine weight2 570 kg



There are four types of the SK50P lathe:

The numbers denote the maximal work piece length. The machines can use 750 mm, 1 000 mm, 1 500 mm or 2 000 mm workpieces, respectively.


Control system type:

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) type:

CAD/CAM Software

SurfCAM 2 Axis SE program, Version 2007

SurfCAM software training, 2 days

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